We work across all platforms to help purpose-driven organisations and entrepreneurs launch and grow their business.


How, you ask?


We'll get there in a second. first, let's talk about you.


You want to change the world. Or at least, make a difference, have a positive impact on this planet. To achieve that, you run, or are about to launch a social enterprise. You want to develop a new product, expand to a new market, want to speak to a different audience, or maybe your business environment has changed. You are spending too much time trying to get others to understand what you do. You want your brand message to be simple, clear and efficient so that your audience buys into who you are, what you do, and how you do it. 

As a social entrepreneur, it is critical for you to reach, connect, and engage with your audience.


That's where we come in.


From websites to social media, we create digital experiences to grow your business.

We help you make a bigger impact.

Now how do we make magic happen? We get it. You want to know what our secret is.

Well, there is no secret.

We don't have a set of defined packages. We don't work with standardised processes. There isn't a cookie-cutter strategy in sight. Each business' story and mission are unique, and we are dedicated to work on tailored strategies and plans for each of the projects we support.



That being said, WHAT can we help you with exactly?


Brand Strategy

To get more clarity on your brand story, we will help you map out where you want your brand to go and the role each component has to play in getting you there.

  • Brand Values, Personality & Story
  • Message & Tone of Voice
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Market & Trend Analysis

Identity & Design

To make sure that your audience connects with who you are, what you do, and how you do it, we will help you turn your mission into visual elements. 

  • Visual Identity
  • Logo & Iconography
  • Website Development
  • Online Visibility


To help you execute your Brand Strategy and implement it to meet your objectives, we will help you put together an ambitious and suitable plan.

  • Strategy Design, Execution & Implementation
  • Communications Plan, PR & Influencer Marketing
  • Content Plan & Creation (Writing, Design, Publishing)

We are a team of creative professionals specialising in Marketing, Brand Development & Communications.


We also happen to be multifaceted freelancers, ambitious entrepreneurs, and unconventional change makers.

We have worked for top agencies and global brands but now we’re pooling our skills and experience to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs.


The Team

Chelsea Bowen.png

Chelsea Bowen

Content Creator

ALC 2018.png

Anna Le Constant

Founder & CEO


Emy Frouté

Social Media Manager


We got into business because we believe in a handmade approach based on collaboration and co-creation.

Let’s make magic happen together!



Clients Anoka (2).png



Created and implemented a full Marketing & Communications Strategy

W4 /Conducted an Internal & External Communications Audit + set up collaboration and project management tools

JUNIPER EDITING/Conducted a brand

review & provided guidelines for a more effective Marketing Strategy


review & provided guidelines for a stronger brand image + Content S


SOCIAL BUILDER/ Built & implemented a 360° Communications strategy + Coordinated campaign launches


onducted an internal & External communications Audit + provided recommandations

LBMG WORKLABS/Managed projects linked to business growth + internal processes optimisation

Cala Consulting/Conducted a brand

review & provided guidelines for a stronger brand identity & design

Anna has a great expertise in Marketing & Communications. She has helped building a strong brand image of my company and has thus contributed to an increase in revenues. Anna is quick to respond with innovative ideas and she also is very good at executing them! Anna is great to work with, we have an easy and efficient working relationship. As an entrepreneur, I really appreciate her support. She is more than a service provider, she acts as a partner.
— Anne Peymirat, CEO of Calmer Parenting
Anna has worked for one of our client via HR Builders for a couple of months. Besides having HR understanding & skills, the Consultant had to manage operational communication tasks for VP HR Managers. First of all, Anna showed great maturity to find her way in a matrix environment & her place with such stakeholders. Secondly, she was able to analyse the communication situation and to give a different vision and to pragmatically implement another way of communication. I would highly recommend Anna for both her HR and communication skills.
— Cécile Dorigny-Sicard, International HR Matchmaker
Anna is a great colleague to work with, she is open-minded, curious, always positive and pragmatic. She looks for solutions and never takes “no” as an answer. Her flexibility is also very pleasant in fast changing businesses where scopes & plans are revised every day! She proved her ability to work with very different teams and profiles always managing smooth communication for all her projects.
— Solène Claoué, Offline Marketing Manager, Jumia
Anna is a very dedicated person, showing great interpersonal skills, creativity, structured thinking and ability to adapt to fast changing environments. She has proven she could jump from one topic to the other with lots of flexibility, covering a wide range of functions, from HR to marketing and biz dev in emerging markets. It’s been a pleasure to work with Anna!
— Arnaud Devigne, Jumia Deals CEO
It is with great pleasure that I have worked with Anna at the BNP Paribas Group HR headquarters. Her dedication, commitment, not to mention her proactive and positive attitude and excellent relationship skills enabled her to always meet the demanding needs and requirements of our management and HR teams, who unanimously loved working with her!
— Karine Guitteaud, Head of Editorial Communications, BNP Paribas
Anna is a great, creative and ambitious person, full of energy and very task-oriented. We worked together on Diversity & Inclusion and although her very young age she is very mature and knows exactly what she wants to achieve. Anna works with great passion and is always very positive about her work. It was a real pleasure to work with Anna!
— Malwina Faliszewska, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Deloitte

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